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Landscape Lighting

Bright Knights will design, supply and install the landscape lighting display you’ve been dreaming of.

We specialize in creating landscape  lighting displays in Barrie that showcase the natural beauty of your outdoor spaces. 

Landscape Lighting

Lighting Effects We Recommend

path lighting

Path Lighting

Freestanding outdoor lamps add beauty and functionality along your walkways, terrace, and gardens, providing a captivating visual highlight.


Up Lighting

Our eyes are used to seeing light sources come from above rather than from below. Uplighting is a versatile effect that creates impact and visual appeal.

recessed lighting

Recessed Lighting

Recessed fixtures are the perfect indication lighting for your garden path, terrace, and walkway lighting, offering versatility and numerous placement options.

graze lighting

Graze Lighting

Grazing your home's stonework or the trunk of a large tree using up or down light creates interesting shadows and contrast for visual appeal.  

shadow lighting

Shadow Lighting

 Shadows add depth and dimension by creating contrast between light and dark. The relationship between light and shadow adds interest to a display.

moon lighting
Moon Lighting

Moon lighting creates familiarity and comfort. When diffused through the leaves and branches, Moon lighting will create movement and beautiful shadows. 

Illuminate Your Landscape with Bright Knights

Want to extend your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces well past sunset? Our exceptional landscape lighting service in Barrie can help you achieve just that. We're passionate about using backyard lighting and garden lighting to showcase the true beauty of your property, even after dark.

We take the time to understand your needs and vision, working collaboratively to design a lighting plan that perfectly accentuates the unique features of your landscape. Whether you have a sprawling backyard with mature trees or a charming garden filled with colorful blooms, our expertise in landscape lighting will bring it to life. Through carefully positioned fixtures and strategic use of light and shadow, we can create an ambiance that will transform your outdoor environment.


Imagine enjoying a relaxing evening on your patio bathed in the warm glow of strategically placed path lights, or highlighting the captivating textures and shapes of your favorite trees with strategically placed spotlights. With our landscape lighting design, your outdoor areas will become an extension of your living space, stylish, elegant, and inviting all night long.

landscape lighting

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