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Permanent Lighting

Be prepared for any event and say goodbye to the hassle of installing and removing your lights year after year with permanent soffit lighting.

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Permanent, Fully Customizable LED Lights

The Possibilities Are Endless

The Celebright LED lighting system makes lighting up your home fun and easy. 

Celebright lights are fully customizable, making them the perfect addition to any celebration, whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Game Day.

We colour-match your soffit and order custom track to ensure they seamlessly blend into your home's exterior, providing vivid lighting at night while remaining invisible during the day. You can even select bulbs individually to create a custom pot light effect for daily architectural lighting. With Celebright, you’re ready for any occasion.

Why Go With Permanent Lighting?

Water Proof

Our lights boast an IP68 rating, making them suitable for underwater use. Not only are the lights waterproof, but our connectors are also designed to withstand the elements, ensuring top-notch performance.


​Our permanent lighting systems are crafted to endure the test of time. We're so confident in the durability of our products that we back them with our comprehensive 5-year warranty.

Preset Library

Choose from the extensive community preset library, which offers a range of pre-built light displays, or take it a step further by customizing an existing preset to craft a truly personalized and unique light display.

Control From Your Phone

​Effortlessly manage every aspect of your lighting system with unparalleled convenience, all at your fingertips, through our user-friendly app, available for both iOS and Android devices.

Well Hidden

When switched off, our lights blend seamlessly with your home, appearing virtually invisible from the street. The track is expertly colour-matched to ensure a discreet and elegant look.

Energy Efficient

Each of our energy-efficient LED bulbs utilizes just 0.1 watts of power when operating at full brightness. This remarkable energy efficiency significantly outshines string of lights.

Adjustable Brightness

Enjoy complete control over every aspect of our lights, right down to the brightness level. Whether you want to set a cozy ambiance or amp up the energy for a lively party, you can effortlessly dim or turn them down.

Offers Security

Enhance the security of your home with our versatile permanent lighting solutions. Whether you require a spotlight to deter intruders or a subtle glow for a welcoming atmosphere, we have the perfect solution.


Set your preferred lighting schedules and program your favourite holidays with ease. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually turning your lights on or off ever again!

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